What I offer

Once the target has been reached:

For every offer of 5.00 Euros

- you get a free digital copy of the fairy tale in pdf format, where your name is    published with thanks in the end of the book, along with that of all other supporters or lenders.

For every offer of 10.00 Euros, in addition to a free digital copy

- you get also a hard copy of the fairy tale at a super discount of 50% on the cover price (5.00 Euros instead of 10.00 Euros)

- you can include a personalized dedication to whoever you want (maximum one page), handwritten (just send us a jpeg of the text passed to the scanner) or in Word format

- you will also receive a complimentary drawing (a character from the fairy tale) by Ro Marcenaro, a famous Italian illustrator, to use as screensaver on your computer.

The publication will be entrusted to CreateSpace, Amazon's on-demand Publisher that distributes worldwide in local currency. CreateSpace


If the figure pooled should be greater than that requested, the money in excess will be used to finance a second Crowd Funding Project wich aims also to realize a Comics version of the same story drawn by the artist Ro Marcenaro


Look at the first comic strips drawn by Ro Marcenaro!