Crowd Funding Project

"Music in a fairy tale"


translate into English a fairy tale that brings children closer to music

book title: Melody and the World of Harmony

Hi, my name is Rudy Mentale.

I write novels and I'm a musician.

I would like to introduce this book entitled

“Melody and 

the World of Harmony”.

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my song Bien ecouter

my musical past

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                                                                                                   my literary production

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- I'm not saying that through a fairy tale you can become a musician, but certainly you can better understand the rules which constitute the structure of music.

- As, for instance, the meaning of “intonation”, or why some sounds are pleasant and some not, or what it means to write music, or what a melody is, or what the obstacles are when you compose a melody, and so on. All these things in a real fairy tale made of queens, wizards, witches, heroes in love and spells. In short, a breathtaking adventure that appeals to children, and adults as well.

- The story is simple: the young hero Musico will have to break the spell that the witch Disgusta dropped on the world of Harmony, the world of music. Musico must free the princess Melody, imprisoned in the Off-key Tower, with the help of a magical melody. To do this, he will face the terrible wizard-dragon Kakofon, protected by the Afone Guards. And he will have to count on the help of its nice friends, too.

- It’s a fun and imaginative story, where the names of the characters recall the basic elements of music, such as Rhythmo, the Swing twins, the Andante bandits, Polyphonic, the sapient, Pentagram the Queen, and many others.  

- In Italy I’ve published four novels, thrillers, mainly, through a small publisher who distributes nationwide but does not have the commercial strength to translate into English and distribute a book abroad. For this reason I have decided to address the crowd funding and rely on self publishing for the distribution of this book. When you have a good text, suitable for an international audience, then it is worth trying with the means that the web  has to offer.
So I ask you, potential readers of my story, to help me in this  endeavour.